• New energy vehicle time-sharing tbox hardware (no broken line installation)

    The time-sharing leasing solution is a solution to solve the problems of vehicle body remote control, vehicle industrial control detection, and vehicle battery health status monitoring at the current stage of time-based leasing.

  • Intelligent driving recorder application car networking solution

    Intelligent driving recorder application car networking solution is the development plan of each car owner, make up every gap with the car to play, make it fuller, more temperature

  • Truck Logistics Transportation Intelligent IoT Solution

    We are in the era of all things, intelligent equipment and data will penetrate every aspect of the industry and become an important infrastructure. Thread insists on open cooperation, introduces logistics data into customer ecology, and promotes enterprise and industry efficiency. The promotion helps companies tap and collect larger car data and innovate their business models. Among them, we are a technology service provider of data application connection, based on the bus data of freight logistics trucks, built-in core algorithms and open interface hardware as means to promote equipment intelligence and data automation in the logistics industry, improve logistics and ports. Warehousing

  • Driving test and driving solution

    The driving test and driving solution is based on the subject three driving test and driving training system development suitable for software and system integration. The 23 vehicle bus data collected by OBD perfectly solves 16 test items and 45 general evaluations, which promotes the development of intelligent driving test industry.

  • Smart Scenic Solutions

    Smart Scenic Spot Solutions The travel service industry contends. Every visit to the Golden Week tourist attractions is full of people. As people's living standards continue to improve, the travel and holiday data will grow exponentially. Tickets will be collected for each scenic spot, tickets will be collected, and tourists will settle. Many types of services such as scenic area resource scheduling pose serious challenges. The birth of the smart spot is a complete data system built with technologies such as the Internet of Things and mobile Internet technology, information and electronic technology, and big data. From the moment the visitors enter the scene, they will connect through the destination gate of the scenic spot and the data system of the scenic spot.

  • Bus management solution

    The bus management solution is a versatile solution for clear vehicle reimbursement, convenient vehicle scheduling, and compressed scheduling time.

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