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The road killer frequently appeared in the policy, showing the trump card

Recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reported that the number of motor vehicles in the country reached a new high, reaching more than half of the US car ownership. However, the death rate in China has reached 2.8 times that of the United States. The poor driving habits and low driving quality are the main reasons. In this year, the traffic control bureau issued a number of relevant driving test policies to change the rules and driving the market, as a guideline to reduce the bad driving habits and improve their driving. This good vision of the overall decline in traffic accident rates caused by quality.

Subjects 2 and 3 changed from manual critique to intelligent system for electronic evaluation, night lighting use was changed to simulate night driving scene lighting, driving test was introduced with mandatory requirements such as punch timing, and the performance of the test was not met. The importance of vehicle data for industry upgrades. In the past 16 years, the four independent and one-supervised guidelines have been given. The pass-through rate and comfort of the trainees have been amplified again. In this regard, Thread has to increase the satisfaction of the driving school and improve the profitability of the driving school, and jointly launched the driving with Guangan Driving School. The test drive bus data application solution realizes full coverage of the model in the driving and training field, accurate data and simple application.


Guang'an Driving School:

Guang'an Driving School is the largest driving school in Guangzhou. It also has dozens of qualified driving training and consulting service outlets in various districts of Guangdong. The relevant policies are introduced one by one. Guang'an Driving School is also equipped with electronic intelligence for each vehicle. The detection system detects the various bad driving habits that students have in the learning car. However, the market adapts to the car and detects the vehicle data at the current stage, so the results are very small. In the first half of 2016, the Thread team had the honor to join hands with Guangan to solve the driving school. Common vehicles, new Santana, New Jetta, New Elysee, and GAC Chuanqi GA5 data incomplete problem, just a simple OBD box can pass the student driving data, lighting, gear, throttle, brakes, speakers, Other body information such as seat belts is simple and efficient.


Guangzhou Haoshun:

Guangzhou Haoshun is a equipment supply company that provides road testers for driving schools. It now also has its own driving school, but because of the relatively large radiation area, because of the previous wiring method, the equipment defect rate and failure rate are quite high. The proportion of manpower and material resources invested in after-sales service is relatively large. In the second half of 2016, the rapid improvement of the solution has reduced the equipment non-performing rate from 3% to 5% to 0.1%, and the maintenance costs invested are also huge. Reduced by about 80% and achieved a performance increase of more than 40%.

Driving test, new Elysee vehicle data detection

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