The application of Timing-sharing rental of New-energy vehicles under the circumstance of share economy.

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Analysis of Time-sharing Lease Application of New Energy Electric Vehicles in the Shared Economy

The car factory provides vehicles and car rental companies to do vehicle scheduling and operation, and integrates users through the Internet platform. The user pays a small fee to the car rental platform. The car rental platform proposes customized and model requirements for the car factory. The car factory provides fault maintenance and diagnosis services.

When it comes to the sharing economy, according to research, 500 million people in China participate in the sharing economy, and the value of participating in the sharing economy is as high as 1.95 trillion. For the sharing economy, Ma said that the economy that has closed the self-interest has undergone tremendous changes, and in the future there must be a transparent economy.

The sharing economy is not only a new product of the 21st century. According to my memory of 5 years old, when I lived in the countryside, when my girlfriend finally asked my parents to return to the countryside, I began to harvest rice. There are threshing machines in the countryside, but not every one. In the peak season of harvesting, almost every household needs to use this tool. When the harvest is completed, the threshing machine becomes an idle resource. Next door or the same village will be someone to borrow the threshing machine, please help collect rice, please drink and eat, play a small red envelope (wearing fee) way to lend the threshing machine to the village, the economy is a little worse, please also two Individuals go to lift.

At the moment, the sharing economy has become a very popular topic. To sort out, there are three links necessary to share the economy. One is idle resources. You can see what is left idle and others can use it. The second is the integration of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet. The related joints; third, the supply and demand of the industry to achieve a balance between supply and demand.

Beginning in 2007, a group of young people who wanted to start a business created eight websites to share the economics of electric drills. The last eight websites all closed down, which triggered the reconstruction and thinking of the sharing economy. Under the Internet network, the most knowledge-based platform for knowledge and skills, sharing their wisdom and knowledge, helping other people, according to different professions, they answer hundreds of answers differently, and the eavesdroppers are also involved. Pay for knowledge; short-term renting is a self-owned idle room, similar to a small apartment, a budget hotel, but I will be embarrassed when I live in someone else's home.

The other situation is not entirely a sharing economy, because they do not have some resources for idle resources, such as financial P2P platforms, money can not be counted as scarce resources, they just use the money of people with capital through the Internet platform The most typical ones are UBER, which has just been acquired by Didi. They are all Internet platforms. They don’t have the resources of cars and capital. They can’t be counted as a sharing economy. They bundle the supply and demand relationship through the Internet or mobile Internet. together.

The real meaning of the sharing economy, I give you an example, that is, time-sharing. At present, the car factory has a large inventory of cars. They digest these stocks through pure selling, pure renting, and renting and selling.

The car factory provides vehicles and car rental companies to do vehicle dispatching and operation, and integrates users through the Internet platform. The user pays a small fee to the car rental platform. The car rental platform proposes customization and model demand for the car factory. The car factory provides fault maintenance and diagnosis services, and the time-based leasing goes to the professional. When the demand is large, it will form a specialized platform similar to UBER and Didi.

As the user thinks, do we really need to buy a car? Take the car repair, maintenance, insurance, violations, the most troublesome parking, all the car life is very troublesome, why not take advantage of their use of the Internet economy?

The sharing economy is talking about cost reduction and efficient operation? The essence of the sharing economy is to solve problems most efficiently and to meet demand. It is a way of releasing new capacity and resources. It needs to be combined with the demand side by a platform and big data platform. Only when it is efficiently satisfied can it exist. Many of my friends lamented that the performance of the rivers and rivers is going down, and the grief is too hard. I hope that there will be no breakthrough in the breakthrough. What we should carefully consider is whether our resources match the needs of the current market.

The existence of the matching platform promotes the related economic sharing. This is an economy of scale, and it is efficient in scale. When the platform is large enough, there is the greatest possibility to meet individual needs. The sharing economy cannot replace low cost. It is a A multi-level economy cannot effectively improve efficiency. The sharing economy is actually a combination of economy, resource-oriented, and finding the most resources to satisfy users is a platform to do. The difference behind it is that it has big data and the ability to use big data to match demand.

Looking back, the characteristics of big data is to be big, and the data of terabytes is running. At present, big data is basically in chaotic data. The platform can be refined in the inside to gain insight into the future, which is beneficial to the market and needs. Big data of meaning. In the entire big data, everyone has data, and when they take the data, they can't do anything. When people are divided into groups, they form a perception of supply and demand through data. Its data is accurate and the logic algorithm is powerful, which is a win-win process for both enterprises and consumers.

Idle resource resources, idle human resources, and idle time resources can all become shared resources, and low efficiency is a long-term format. At present, the giants have not yet appeared, and the regional and professional routes are closer to our lives. These matching platforms (data-driven, scale-driven, and algorithm-based) will have certain opportunities.


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