New energy electric van logistics truck full process intelligent fleet management technology and value

2019-09-16 17:50:53 速锐得科技 136

New energy electric van logistics truck full process intelligent fleet management technology and value

It is said that if you can't make a big leap, you can't be a new thing.

The so-called jump is the meaning of the challenge. There may be a feeling of "can't do it", but "you can't make a change without doing it." In the field of automotive commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles, we have been very conservative, unless the customer is professionally tailored, the general demand, we are blocked at the door, not for technical reasons.

The company started to open this door, and there are some reasons.

One is the ability. Last week, we mainly tested a series of models in Cummins, Futian and Dongfeng in the north, and adapted the CAN bus protocol of J1939 one by one, and connected the CAN bus data to the platform through the 4G network. There are many models tested, plus the previous integration of Sanchai, the protocol adaptation of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania and other models, already have the ability to customize for customers. The collected data mainly includes information such as speed, speed, water temperature, remaining oil volume, latitude and longitude, etc. Customized development includes tire pressure, sharp turns, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and turn signal information.

The second is talent. The company's current bus engineers have newly trained two, the general new energy vehicles, gasoline vehicles, and some heavy-duty freight logistics vehicles have been basically guaranteed. From data protocol to code compilation to application docking, it is possible to get through the relevant links in multiple channels, and several teams will provide data services for customers.

The third is time. Our travel expenses this year are less than 30,000. In addition, more than 400,000 travel expenses are provided by customers. We provide products and services to our customers to solve their urgent needs. As long as you travel a place, the project in one place must land, not land, and not return home. It is understood that our morning meeting on Monday this year is basically in a state of cancellation. Everyone can get together on Monday, all year round, according to the minutes of this meeting, only seven times. We bring technology to the world.

Jumping, we connected some of the surrounding technologies that were not in our profession, and connected with our own information or knowledge, and started a new imagination, such as doing a dream of making a fortune.

 From the unbounded way to generate a lot of new discoveries, combined with the needs of customers, combined with their own car technology, in the product and development to find the ultimate pleasure.

I thought, when my classmate Cai Jingzhong was drinking tea together, I once told me that the jump to the future should be striding up and out of the reality. Although there are certain thresholds, this can be passed. Learning and accumulation, together with your own efforts, can be done. We will lay out in advance in the technology or products that will be developed for several years in the future. Once we have the opportunity, we will be able to follow the trend.

Originally in the field of commercial vehicles with extreme tradition and slow innovation, we tried to open the door to this commercial field through automobile technology. At first glance, it has achieved certain results, although it has accumulated for so many years.

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